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A few sources of Gluten


Soy Sauce
Most contain wheat

You can use Braggs as a substitute.


Made from barley
Used in some vinegars (malt vinegar only)
Some flavorings or cereals like Rice Krispies


Vitamins and mineral supplements
Ask if they contain gluten.

French Fries
Due to cross-contamination: if cooked with other foods.

Processed Foods
A favorite place of hidden gluten.

If you Drink Alcohol:

Wine and champagne
Distilled spirits:
Brandy, coffee liqueur cognac, gin, grappa, rum, sake, scotch, sherry, tequila, vodka, wine, whiskey

Malt beverages
Beer (unless it is Gluten Free)
Coolers & Hard lemonade: often contain malt and/or barley

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